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2023-2024 AMTA SD Chapter Calendar of Events and Dates of Interest

*= denotes importance of all chapter volunteers being present for the meeting.

Schedule for 2023

7/12/2023             Summer Edition of The Trained Touch available in your Inbox/Online

7/20/2023             Regular price begins for Fall Conference July 20th-August 21st, 2023

                                       August 21st is 30 days prior to start of event and room rates end.

7/21-7/22,2023     Board Member & Volunteer Summer Retreat–Pierre, SD


8/21-8/22, 2023 CVOP National Conference-Phoenix

8/22/2023 Chapter’s President’s Council Meeting (5-9pm)

8/22/2023 Board of Directors Meeting (Time TBD)

8/23/2023 National Volunteer Event (8-12 pm)

8/23/2023 Assembly of Delegates Meeting (1-4pm)

8/24-8/26, 2023 National Convention Date

8/24/2023 AMTA 80th Anniversary Party

8/23/2023 Assembly of Delegates

8/24/23/-8/24/23 National Convention Dates

8/24/2023 AMTA 80th Anniversary Party

9/15-9/16, 2023                 amta SD FALL 2023 Conference: Lee Stang

                                            Rotational Forces & Unlocking Pelvis – Incorporating Myofascial Release (MFR) Techniques

                                            Arrowwood Resort-Oacoma, SD

Schedule for 2024

1/1/2024                          Deadline for Newsletter Articles for the “Winter Edition” to Jenna

1/15/2024                        Winter Edition of The Trained Touch available in you inbox/online

2/12/2024                       Registration opens for AMTA SD Spring Conference 2024

                                         Early-bird pricing begins 2/12/24 and goes until 3/12/24

2/11 or 2/18, 2024           Chapter Business & Budget Meeting ZOOM

3/8/2024                          Deadline for awards and nominations into the Awards Chair

3/13/2024                       Regular pricing for Spring Conference begins 3/13/24 and goes until 4/12/24

2/13/2024                        Chapter Business & Budget Meeting ZOOM

2/1/2024                          Call for Candidates for AMTA SD Chapter Online Elections*

3/8/2024                          Chapter Meritorious Winner Nomination send to National Office-Award Chair

3/13/2024                        30 days prior to Spring Conference. Banquet Headcount Reported.

                                          Block of room rates ends?

TBD Online Elections sent out*

                 *Determined by 2024 Online Elections Spreadsheet

4/12-4/13,2024 2024 Spring Conference- Douglas Nelson –Rapid City, SD

PNMT FOR THE SHOULDER (Day 1– 4/12/24)

PNMT FOR THE ARM AND HAND (Day 2– 4/13/24)

6/23/2024 Deadline for Newsletter Articles for “Spring Edition” to Jenna